The World’s Best Flight Tracker App-Flightradar24 [2022]

Best Flight Tracker App Review


In this article, I will tell you about the world’s best flight tracker app. This app is most beneficial for every person. The app’s Name is Flighradar24. It is available on the play store. This app is highly trusted with

50 Million downloaders.

In this app, you can find Flights all around the world which are flying over the sky. Besides this, You can select your country to find flights over you. Not only fights but also their Take off, land, the timing of arrival, departure & which route the flight follow. And many other features will be discussed briefly in the article below.


Features of This App,

  • See flights travel around the world in real-time on a detailed map
  • Follow flights in 3D View to see what the pilots see
  • Search for flights by flight number, call sign, route, airline
  • Get information about every flight, such as aircraft details, route, estimated time of arrival, actual time of departure, speed, altitude, and  high-resolution photos of the aircraft
  • Find out which flights are near you with AR View simply by pointing your device at the sky
  • See data from past flights and replay them directly in the app
  • Use filters to see only the flights you’re interested in
  • View airport arrival & departures boards, flight status, current delay stats, current weather conditions, and aircraft on the ground just by tapping on any airport pin

You can download this app by clicking the downloader key below.

Working & Setting,

For your convenience

After installing this app, You have to open this when you open the interface will show permissions then you have to click on continue.


It means you granted all permissions. Then the next interface will show like this


Just to examine to look over the sky. you will observe no flight will see over you but really happen. To check just zoom out the screen and you will be amazed to see a lot of flights flying just like a huge bundle of flights. You can adjust your countrywide or all around the world.

Now by observing to zoom out and zoom in, now the top three options will see,

  1. AR   
  2. Searching Bar
  3. Profile Logo

It acts as a compass and tells you your exact location and the locations around you just tilt move up and down, left and right.


Searching Bar,

When you click on the search bar,


these four options will see

  1. Flight by Route
  2. Live Flight by country
  3. Airport by Country
  4. Nearby

You can fulfil it according to your requirements.

Flight by route,

You have to adjust the Departure airport & Arrival airport.

Live Flight by the airline,

When you click on this option, there will be a lot of airlines will show up gradually.

here A to Z wise arranged airlines, so you can easily find your demanding flight.

Airport Country,

you have to adjust your country. my country is Pakistan so I select Pakistan.

Next, all airports in your country will display. Just select and move on.

Then you select airport and seven  sub-options will show again. Please select peacefully as your demands. You will see if and flight is coming or going. The flights will show and also show which company of airline. So click on the airline the complete details will show.


This option will show you Airports And Flights near you.

Now at the bottom, Five options:

  1.   Setting
  2.  Weather
  3. Filters
  4. Playback
You can select the map type according to your nature.Already perfect no need to change   Scroll down and
  adjust language
About Nine types of map types.speed in
When You Scroll down map brightness will show adjust as you feel beautiful.altitude in feet & distance in Km.


I am highly thankful to you for your visit. This app is extremely beneficial. Please leave a comment for your review and also you feel any mistake then leave a comment I’ll take action immediately.

Please visit my other articles hope you will get important information.

   Bundle of Thanks.

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