Best HD Wallpaper App for Smartphones[2022]

In this article, I will tell you about the Best HD Wallpaper App for Smartphones. This app not only makes your mobile theme Gorgeous but also you can play with it to relax your mind. By playing with it you will feel peace.
I explained below about this app how can we install this, the features & how can we set this as a wallpaper theme on our smartphones👇👇👇.

How can we install this app;

This app is beautiful in every aspect. The name of this app is Fluid Simulation.
It has more than 10 million downloaders. It proves that this app is really fantastic. This app is available on the play store. For your convenience, I gave the download link at the end of this blog/ Article. You can easily download this app from there😊.

Settings of this app;

After installation of this app;
when you open this app, it will ask for some permissions. You have to give all permissions.
After giving permissions,
The first interface will show like this👇;


  When the first interface will show like this, you have to click the top left corner(circle) to enter in next phase/setting. More options will be shown at the top meaning small about 10 balls will be showing.  For the trial, you have to drag your finger on black space to check the fluid. The coloured fluid can change by changing balls colour at the top. You can adjust according to your nature, just select the ball and drag your fingers on the black space to check the fluid.  


          By adjusting this,

                  Next, you have to click on Edit below for more settings of this app.

When you click on edit, leave the presets option. we have to move forward. The next first option will be 1.Quality;

You can adjust your quality according to you, but I recommended that High quality will be best.


      It is the coloured fluid speed, and you can adjust it according to you.

         Its ratio starts from 32 to 256. I recommended to you, please adjusting 32 is best for beautification. 


    Its starting ranges from 0 to 1.

          you have to set the minimum that is the best for you. 


    It is much important option.

  You can adjust as you want.

      Just select and for checking you have to drag on black space.


     It is also an important option. The function of this option is to adjust the volume of coloured fluid.

          I recommended to you please keep it in the medium phase, which means neither low nor high.

             Medium is the best.

6. Time;

 It is the disappearing time of coloured fluid. When you drag your finger, the time adjustment will decide how much time will take to disappear. 

      I recommend you, please keep it full is the best.


      You don’t need to change this. Remain same 

8. Bloom;

  It is the thickness and thinness of coloured Fluid.


     The best is you have to take it to medium standard.

    next options don’t need to be interchanged. 

            When you scroll down 

  The option is to Capture.


             If you are dragging your fingers and you want to capture it on your gallery or whatever, just click on capture during dragging.  


                 In this option, you can change your fluid colour mean Saturated, Single, Double, RGB & Cosine.

                                  The best is Saturated.

  • Rate;

         Please remain the same.


           If you do not want a colourful fluid, just click OFF.


  For checking please drag your finger on the black space.

     Or if you undo mean you want to colourful fluid, then again click ON.


              You can adjust according to your nature.

  • CLEAR;

            By this, the colour of the fluid will be clear and shiny.


Setting as a Wallpaper theme;

        Now a stage has come to set this wallpaper as a theme.


              This wallpaper will definitely make our themes beautiful and gorgeous.

To set this as a wallpaper, click on Set Live Wallpaper😊 and apply.

   Thank you for reading my blog.

      Download link 


   If you find any mistakes in my article, please comment.


  • Colourful Fluid
  • Glorious theme
  • Relaxing Illusion
  • We can play


       In this article, I briefly explained about Fluid Simulation App.

It makes your Mobilephone theme beautiful. If you feel depression, you can play with it to chill.

                       Thank you.

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