New Method: How to Create Binance Account (2023)

In this article, we will know what is Binance & How to Create Binance account.

We see also how can we create on Mobile and Laptop /PC.

Binance basically a Crypto exchange digital coin. With the help of Binance, You can trade by selling or buying coins. Any cryptocurrency which we take through Binance is real 100%.

Binance is an international crypto exchange, you can send or earn money through digital coins.

This is my short intro to the importance of Binance and its account. I’m going to tell you briefly what is Binance and how can we create an account on Mobile & Laptop below. Please Read my full article and I’m sure you will take advantage and get unique and useful information.

So let’s start;

What is Binance?

       Binance is a world Famous Crypto exchange company.  It was started in 2017 in Malta. At present, there are Binace offices in many countries. Every Crypto in Binance is 100% real because Binance does not accept every currency. If any person wants to register his Crypto in Binance so he would follow the interment conditions of Binance.  So you can believe in every cryptocurrency in Binance. 

         If you want to trade then take steps from Binance because Binance is safe and secure

   When Binance opens its office in any country, It takes an allowance letter from the Government.

There are three types of trading in Binance;

  1. Sport trading
  2. Margin Trading
  3. Futures trading

              There is also an extra service in Binance.

   You can open a savings account of cryptocurrency and can mining the pool. 

  Before trading on Binance,

                              You have to do it must;

  •      Make Professional Account
  •     Verification your account

             When you completed these steps, then you will deposit Cryptocurrency for trade

       You can deposit two types of Cryptocurrency in Binance;

  1. Stable Cryptocurrency

           USDT, BUSD, USDC, TUSD

                          The most famous Cryptocurrency is  USDT.

     2. Fluctuated Cryptocurrency

            BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, DOT, BCH, ETC, NEO, ZCash, Desh etc…

                          The famous Cryptocurrency is  BITCOIN

If you don’t have any Cryptocurrency means you are new on Binance & you want to take a Facility from Binance then you can purchase cryptocurrency by using Visa Card Or Master card.  If your country don’t have such rules to buy then you will use the P2P option


   P2P meant Peer to Peer simple it means purchasing from one another.

      In the menu, You will see the wallet option, When you click on wallet The P2P option would there.

         When you click on P2P the related country exchanger shows.  Then you chat with the buyer and can purchase demanding cryptocurrency means Stable or Fluctuated of 10$, 20$,50$ etc…  

            The buyer wants payment through Bank, Easypaisa, JazzCash etc… and in return, he gives  Digital coins to your wallet. 

How to Create Binance Account

   On PC/Laptop:

    1st of all I’m highly thankful to you who came on my article next I’m sure you will able to create an account professionally. 

        without wasting our precious time so let’s start;

                      Firstly we have to open our Web browser ( Chrome, Google, Firefox, Opera etc...).

       Then in the search Bar, We have to search Binance the first website will show the name of Binance Bitcoin Exchange | Cryptocurrency Exchange.  When we’ll click on this, we reach on official Binance page like this;

How -to-Create-Binance-Account

We have to Register so we’ll click on the register button then the interface will show like this as a creation of an account.

 Here two options will be shown,

  • Email
  • mobile

         It’s your choice but I recommend to you please create an account on the Email.

    So, we have to adjust the correct and working email & then we have to adjust the strong password.

     after completing this process, tick on I have read and agree to the terms & then click on create an account. 

                     Maybe you have to fill the captcha, just fill it out and move on.

   Account verification;

      After clicking on create an account, the verification code will come to your given email address. You have to go to your email there and just copy the code and paste here back on the verification page.

    After pasting the code you enter in next phase.

       Like this

How -to-Create-Binance-Account


  You have to click on verify now. Then Select your beloved Country & Continue.

How -to-Create-Binance-Account


      Now the next phase will show like this;

  Now the next phase will show like this;

  We enter our Nationality & our name which is on our Id Card.

    First Name                Last Name

   Skip middle name      Enter DOB

       then continue.

                                The next personal information page will show like this;

  Now the next phase will show like this;


   We have to enter our residential OR Home address, Postal code & City which is on our ID Card.

             After filling then click on continue.

                       the Next page will show like this;

  Now the next phase will show like this;


Put your ID card Pic front and back then confirm and proceed.

     Next, you have to take a selfie and then confirm.

                  Your Account verification requirements are completed.

   Hope so, within 12 hrs our Binance account will be verified.

                     Thanks a lot!

On Mobile Phone?

     I hope You enjoyed reading my article and hope you took useful information.

           now let’s talk about mobile phones and how can we create a Binance account.

                         It is totally similar to a Pc/laptop but…You have to just one setting

     If you are on a browser then go to settings and click on the desktop site. Next same as on how to create on a laptop please read carefully my upper written Paragraphs.

    Another source is Application.

                    The Binance application is also available on the play store.

    I put the link below you can download and the creating and verifying procedure is the same.


    In this article, I provided information on How to create a Binance account If any mistake you find please tell me otherwise please share it with your friends.



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