How to Increase Volume of Android Phone Secret Trick [2022]

Many people’s mobile phone volume drops too low, causing them great anxiety. Today I’ll tell you how to increase volume of android phone. If you want to listen to the audio song with bass, that is also covered in this article.

How to increase volume of android phone

If the volume of your Android phone is deficient, clean its speakers with a brush. If you can’t clean it yourself, get it done by a shopkeeper. Doing this will increase the volume of your mobile phone considerably. Use these apps if your mobile phone volume is still not rising after doing this.

High Volume Apps Review

Raise High Volume

If your mobile phone speaker volume is too low, then you can increase the volume of your mobile phone with this app. You will find the downloading link of this app below.

After downloading this app, it will automatically connect to your mobile phone when you open it. In this app, you get two options one is a boost, and the other is volume.

How to increase Volume of Android Phone

You can boost the volume up to 200%, but you shouldn’t raise it above 40% because it can damage your speaker. If you want to close this app, you’ll find the stop option on its home screen. By clicking on this, you can stop this app from working.

To download this app click here

Base Booster & Equalizer

This app can be handy if you want to listen to audio songs with bass. With this app, you can generate base in audio. More than ten million people are using this app. You can download this app by clicking on the link given below. In this app, you get a base boost and virtualizer options and can set the custom frequency.

Increase Mobile Phone Volume

In this app, you can find different audio effects—for example, treble boost, local boost, dance, deep, loud and electronic etc.

To download this app click here

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