Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Info 2024

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) is one of the biggest and most well-known financial institutions worldwide. Key details of ICBC are as follows:

  • Summary:
  • Name: Bank of Commerce and Industry of China Limited (ICBC)
  • Sort: Business that is publicly traded
  • Establishment: 1st January, 1984
  • Headquarters: Beijing, China serves as the headquarters.

In terms of size and scope, ICBC is the biggest bank in China and is sometimes listed as the biggest bank globally in terms of total assets.

Both domestically and abroad, it has a vast network of branches and subsidiaries.

Ownership: ICBC is a state-owned company, with the Chinese government owning the vast majority of its shares.

Services: ICBC offers a broad variety of financial services, including wealth management, loans, and deposits, among other conventional banking services.

In addition to a wide spectrum of organizations, including small and major firms, it provides services to private individuals.

Global footprint: With branches and subsidiaries throughout several nations, ICBC has a substantial international footprint. In order to meet the increasing demands of Chinese companies and people overseas, it has extended its activities globally.

Financial Services and Products: ICBC provides a range of financial services and products, including as investment banking, credit cards, insurance, and treasury management.

Innovation and Technology: In order to improve its services, ICBC, like many other banks, has made investments in innovation and technology. Digital financial goods, mobile banking applications, and internet banking all fall under this category.

Regulatory Oversight: Chinese financial authorities oversee ICBC as a significant financial institution to make sure it complies with banking laws and standards.

Global Rankings: In terms of total assets and market capitalization, ICBC is often rated as one of the best banks in the world.


It is essential to acknowledge that ICBC’s operational, financial, and service elements are subject to change over time. It is advised to consult ICBC’s official website or recent financial reports for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

What does the Industrial Bank do for a living?


A variety of financial organizations throughout several nations may be referred to as “Industrial Banks.” On the other hand, a widely held belief is that an industrial bank is a particular kind of financial organization that offers banking and lending services to industrial enterprises. Depending on the legislative framework and the nation in which it operates, an industrial bank may provide different services and activities. An industrial bank may carry out the following broad duties:

Business & Commercial Banking: Providing commercial and industrial clients with banking services, such as credit facilities and business loans, as well as transaction facilitation and deposit acceptance.

What is the main function of the Industrial Bank?

Loan services: Giving industrial companies loans for a range of uses, including growth, working capital, financing equipment, and other capital expenditures.

Financial advisory services include risk management, investment guidance, and help with financial planning. These are provided to industrial customers.

commerce finance is the process of facilitating commerce between countries by offering financial instruments connected to trade, such as export financing and letters of credit.

The goal of treasury and cash management services for industrial customers is to help them improve their financial operations, which includes risk reduction and liquidity management.

Investment banking is the provision of services related to investments, such as advice on corporate finance plans, merger and acquisition facilitation, and securities underwriting.

Technology and Innovation: Taking use of new developments in technology to provide online platforms, digital banking services, and other creative solutions to match the changing demands of commercial customers.

Helping industrial firms manage their financial risks, such as commodity price risk, foreign currency risk, and interest rate risk.

Regulatory compliance is the act of abiding by the financial and regulatory standards established by the applicable regulatory bodies in the nation of operation.

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China address

It is noteworthy that an industrial bank’s operations may differ according to the institution’s particular area of concentration, the state of the financial services industry in the area, and the applicable regulations. It’s wise to take the institution’s distinctive features and services into account while discussing a particular “Industrial Bank.”

The address of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) is Beijing, China. The bank was founded in Beijing. Please be aware that the exact location and phone number might change in the future. I suggest visiting ICBC’s official website or getting in touch with customer care for the most precise and recent information. The location may also be seen on official ICBC papers, such financial reports and regulatory filings.

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