Best Screen Lock App for Android [2022]

In this article, I’ll tell you about the screen lock app that you can use to strengthen the security of your mobile phone. I did a lot of research to find this app. Nowadays, every person uses a mobile phone, and a lot of data is saved on his mobile phone. It’s vital to use screen lock and app lock to secure them. So I have found a screen lock for you that you can use to secure your mobile phone.

Full Review of Screen lock app:

Touch Screen Lock

It’s an excellent lock screen app. Through this, you can secure your mobile phone. Nowadays, everyone’s mobile phone has personal data, and a lock is used to prevent it from being leaked. The downloading link for this app is given below, through which you can download this app.

When you open it for the first time, it will ask you for some permissions which you have to grant. After that, you have to select the wallpaper, or you can also take your photo from the camera, and if you have wallpaper in your gallery, you can also apply it.

Screen Lock App
Screen Lock App

After that, you must select two positions that will open the lock by clicking on them. Then you must set a password to unlock your screen if you forget Touch Lock.

How to download:

You can easily download this app from the play store, but for your convenience, I have provided the downloading link for this app below. The full name of this app is Picture Password Lock Screen & Notification. It has more than 100,000 downloaders on Play Store.

First Look

When you open it after downloading, on its first page, you will see the option of picture password, change the passcode, disable system lock, wallpaper, clock style, and screen timeout. After opening it, you have to enable it, asking you for permissions. You have to grant these permissions.

Screen Lock App
Screen Lock App

First, you have to select a background image on it. Visit the home page of the app to choose a background image. Click on the first option, Picture Password.

Screen Lock App
Screen Lock App

After that, the tutorial image is opened, on which the background image description is written. You have to skip it and click next.

After which, many background images are opened in front of you. You can select any of them and apply your own from the gallery.

Click on the plus icon on the white box to insert your custom image. After that, you are moved to your gallery, and from here, you can upload your desired image. After selecting the image, you have to choose a number. Select the digit you want to set as the password. Then you have to fit this digit in a specific place. They will unlock your password every time you enter this digit into that space.


Along with this, you have to enter your pin code as well. You can unlock your mobile phone with a pin code if you forget the digit space. If you want to change your pin code, visit the app’s home page and click on the second option, Change Passcode. You must enter your old pin code first, and then you can change the pin code.


  • You get quite a lot of wallpapers in it.
  • It’s a stylish screen lock.
  • Through this, you can protect your mobile phone a lot.
  • In this, you can customize the design of your clock as per your wish.

Why should we use screen lock?

As you know, every employee has some personal data, business data, or some other things on their mobile phones that have to be kept away from people. If your mobile phone is not screen locked, then there is a fear of your data being stolen. Due to this, it’s vital to have a screen lock and an app lock on the mobile.


In this article, I have told you about the screen lock app you can use to secure your mobile phone. I did a lot of research to find this app. I like this screen lock app. Do share your opinion in the comment section on how to do you like this app.

If I have made any mistakes in this article or need to add anything else, please let me know in the comment section. You can contact me if you have any questions about this app.


Which is the best lock screen app?

Picture password screen lock and Notification

This app is the best screen lock app. I have used many screen lock apps, but I like this one the most.

How do I lock the screen on my phone?

When you download the screen lock app, it requires you to select a password. After which you can lock your mobile phone screen.

How do I lock my Android screen while watching a video?

A side lock option is provided when watching a movie on a video player. By clicking on it, you can lock your screen.

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